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where you want to be

Our passengers trust us with their safety and comfort.
We never let them down.


Did you know?

Our rates are the best in the city!

Standard Standard

Standard Taxi

The perfect choice for people who like riding with comfort and coziness

0,84 /km


Airport Transfer

We will meet you at the airport and take you where you need to be with care and smile

from 20

Transfer Transfer

Business Taxi

It is perfect for someone who wants some more luxury and for business people

1 €/km


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Why we are Different

If you are not sure whether you want to use our services, find out our benefits and decide for yourself.

Green Vehicle



Best Offer


Clean & Cozy

Green Vehicle

Using hybrid cars, we care about the environment.

Green Vehicle

Using hybrid cars, we care about the environment.


We accept absolutely all payment methods! Even your piggy banks!


With our app you will get many benefits that will help you even travel for free.

Best Offer

You will not able to find a better price for a taxi in the city!

Gentle Drivers

Our drivers will surprise you with their excellent manners and friendly communication!

Clean & Cozy

We care about the cleanliness of our cabs so that you will not be disturbed by unpleasant smell or dirt.

Who we are?

Taxi driver – more then just somebody behind the wheel

Working as a taxi driver is not an easy task.
This is a daily and hard work, as well as the responsibility
with which each driver is suitable when working with passengers. IntaXi drivers are trained in all the rules to acquire the necessary competence,
and then undergo a serious selection.

Quickly, comfortably and with care!

Not every car can be a good option for transporting passengers.
Choosing intaXi you will get into the atmosphere of comfort and coziness.
inside the car there is never garbage, dirt or unpleasant smell,
and taxi drivers are always friendly.

About Us

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